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Nov 21, 2009 11:00pm EST
to customer service. wbal tv 11 news lisa robinson explains. >> hopefully you'll have great customer service this holiday shopping season. that wasn't always the case for our secret shopper. with the eye team's hidden camera rolling we sent her to a dozen stores in the baltimore area. she'll make purchases and give us her overall opinions of the experience including the help she receives and the cleanliness of the stores and ladies room. some places got it right. >> service was excellent. i told her it was a gift. she gave me a little bag, gift receipt. pleasant. >> other places, she thought some of them weren't so good. >> i would have walked out the door in such a shamble of store. >> monday at 11:00 see which stores the secret shopper peoples the best and which didn't cut it. for the 11 news eye team, i'm lisa robinson. >>> accused in the fort hood shooting faces a judge from his hospital bed. why that hearing sparked outrage looking for new answers to help treat disaster survivors. the possible lynx between ptsd and genes. >>> and i'm tony pann. we're watching a storm system coming out o
Nov 24, 2009 11:00pm EST
day. i am lisa robinson. >> she also visited the toes art -- toys r us store, and she shot a j.c. penney in glen burning. she gave them a b. >> now your forecast with chief meteorologist tom castelmyer. >> we have picked up another .1% of an inch in rain. -- .1 inch of rain. some fog forming as well. the temperature barely moved under thick clouds. 48 for the low, 52 for the high temperature. of or 40's to the north and west of baltimore. -- upper 40's to the north and west. holding around 50 in many areas on the eastern shore. western maryland, they are at 41 degrees. hancock, heading out west is 49. leonard town at 49 degrees. sunrise forecast -- some clouds, pettifog, 45 to 50 with a light -- like east wind. -- and patchy fog. maybe the klaus get a chance to thin a little tomorrow. -- maybe that clouds the chance to thin a little tomorrow. this next weather system will rapidly approached tomorrow and it will bring us some showers. if you are traveling, snow showers being generated from minneapolis to chicago, cleveland up into buffalo and detroit. clouds and low clouds and f
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2